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The operation of low temperature phenomenon has attracted more and more attention of medical staff, preheating method for inflatable blanket by preoperative and intraoperative, applying convection gas temperature on the surface, improve the surface temperature of patients to reduce the body internal



Eye Drapes Disposable Surgical Sterile Drape SMS 80*80cm CE Certificate

High breathable polyurethane file transparent and breathable to prevent moisture accumulation under surgery, provide a sterile working environment around the surgical incision.



Dsposable Protective Face Shield Anti Fog Surgical Medical Isolation Masks

Elastic BandFoam Headband Relieves PressureOptically Clear and Anti-fog LensLight Weight Optically Clear



Vurtual Opening Ceremony of The 131st Session of China Import And Export Fair

Vurtual Opening Ceremony of The 131st Session of China Import And Export Fair



65gPP+PE Disposable Medical Protective Clothing Coverall CE

65gPP+PE Disposable Medical Protective Clothing Coverall CE



Disposable Surgical Sterile Ultrasound Probe Cover with Gel Pack

Ultrasound Probe Cover1. Good Quality2. Direct Factory Price (good price);3. Offer OEM Service(we do what you need);4. Samples Are Available at Any Time;5. Fast Service And on Time Delivery;6. Unique Soft and Strong Elastic Strength Material.



Plastic Circular Guidewire Disposable Kidney Dish 2500ml

Disposable Medical Guidewire Bowls -- Reduice the Risk of Cross Infection



The performance of the surgical gown

The performance of surgical clothes mainly includes: barrier performance, comfort performance.1. Barrier performance mainly refers to the protective performance of surgical clothes, and its evaluation methods mainly include hydrostatic pressure, water immersion test, impact penetration, spray, blood



Structural design of surgical gown

New protective surgical gownBy setting the protective collar, it can keep the neck of the operation personnel warm. By setting the hand pocket, it is beneficial for the surgical personnel to temporarily put their hands in the hand pocket while waiting during the operation, which plays a protective r



Classification of operating clothes

1. 全棉手术衣。医疗机构应用最为广泛,依赖性最强的手术衣,虽然具有良好透气性,但是阻隔防护功能比较差。全棉材料容易发生絮状物脱落,使医院每年通风设备的维护费用也会有不小负担。2. 高密度聚酯纤维织物。该类织物主要以聚酯纤维为主,在织物表面崁入可以导电的物质,这样织物就具有了一定的抗静电效果,从而让穿着者舒适性也有所提升。该类织物具有一定的疏水性,不易产生棉质脱絮以及重复使用率较高的优点。该类织物具有良好的阻菌效果。3. PE(聚乙烯)、TPU(热塑性聚氨酯弹性橡胶)、PTFE(铁氟隆)多层贴合膜复合手术衣。手术衣具有优异的防护性能及舒适的透气性,可有效阻隔血液、细菌甚至病毒的穿透。但在国内普

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